Do those in this blood group catch the corona virus more easily?

The study conducted on Wuhan city, the epicenter of China’s COVID-19 outbreak, and 2 thousand new types of corona viruses in Shinchin, compared with healthy individuals, higher rates of new types of corona viruses in those with blood type A and heavier Trends to develop symptoms have been detected.

On the other hand, those with blood group 0 (zero) were significantly more resistant to the new type of corona virus.

63 percent less deaths seen

Of the 209 patients who died due to COVID-19 in Wuhan, the blood group was 85 while the number of patients who died with 0 (zero) blood group was 52. This was stated to mean “63 percent fewer deaths” in the zero blood group.

Protect people in group A stronger

‘Protect people in group A stronger’

Vuhan University Congnan Hospital Evidence Based “People with group A blood need particularly strong personal protection to reduce the risk of infection,” said Vang Shinghuan, who works at the Transformational and Transformational Medical Center.

But still a direct correlation between blood group and corona virus It is not possible to say that. Experts also emphasized the need for more research on the subject.

Çetiner: No scientific value

CNN has corona virus in A to Z program in TURK Answering related questions, Hematology Specialist Prof.Dr. Mustafa Çetiner, “Corona virus is transmitted through blood?” gave the following answer to the question:

” There is no basis for these questions. We have an example of Wuhan and Italy. The percentage of those who have a group of blood type in Wuhan is 31 percent. The number of group A who fell ill and was hospitalized was 37 percent. Then they say: the rate in the community is 31 percent, while the 37 percent hospitalized means that the group A is more risky. This is an observational result. It has no scientific value. Besides, can we change our blood group? There is a source of these opinions, but it is absolutely true. I believe that the statements regarding the report are very wrong. “

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