Does drinking coffee cause miscarriage?

Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Op. Stating that while there are some red lines related to eating and drinking habits during pregnancy, some subjects are treated more flexibly. Dr. Okan Özden, “One of the first questions asked by many patients who started their pregnancy adventure is whether they will drink coffee anymore.

Since caffeine can pass from the placenta to the baby, unfortunately, it can cause problems such as decreased birth weight or miscarriage.

What foods and beverages are found in caffeine

Which foods and beverages are found in caffeine?

Caffeine content varies according to the type of coffee and the method of preparation. Caffeine is not only found in coffee, but also in foods such as chocolate, carbonated drinks and energy drinks.

You don’t need to cut caffeine completely during pregnancy. However, it is also useful to check how much you consume. “

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