Homemade masks of choice by Meghan Markle

Contrary to the predicted, homemade masks can also provide the effects of high-priced masks produced by major cosmetic brands.

The advice comes directly from Meghan Markle’s skincare specialist, Nichola Joss. Joss recommends homemade masks as they are easy to make, budget-friendly and have full control of all the ingredients you put in.

1. Soothing paste mask

The essence of Markle’s favorite homemade mask is coconut oil.

Materials :

Coconut oil




The amount of material you will decide based on the amount of the mask; Mix it by putting it in a bowl. It is enough to hold the mask, which will take the consistency of a paste, for 10 minutes on your face and wash it with warm water.

Turmeric, which has anti-bacterial properties, increases the skin’s collagen production with the vitamin C it contains.

To prevent any reaction, trying the mask on a skin section outside your face will prevent redness and irritation.

2. Moisturizing mask

You may think your skin is oily, but remember that it still needs moisture! Avocado is a very useful nutrient for the skin. Are you ready to try the avocado mask, which helps reduce wrinkles while deeply moisturizing the skin?


1/4 of Avocado

1 tablespoon olive oil

1 teaspoon of honey

After thoroughly crushing the avocado, mix it with olive oil and honey in a bowl. This mask you prepared will provide a smooth result by ensuring the moisture balance of the skin.

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