How often should you wash your sheets?

Your bed is more dirty than you think

Your bed is more dirty than you think

When your body sweats while sleeping during the night, when you dribble your pillow or the body secretes oil and other reactions, bacteria will grow in your bed.

Dead skin cells

About two teaspoons of dead skin is poured from your skin every night. These dead skins cause insect formation in humid environments. Even if the insects and bacteria formed do not cause any disease, they can trigger some diseases.

TIP: Heat

The most important thing to consider when washing your bed sheets is heat. You can wash your sheets at 60 degrees and remove them from germs and bacteria.

Wash your pillows

Wash your pillows

Just washing your sheets or pillowcases will not be enough. For this reason, you should wash your pillow and get rid of germs every 3 months.

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