How to clean germs and bacteria in the refrigerator?

Start cleaning by emptying the cabinet

Start cleaning by emptying the cabinet

Before you start cleaning the refrigerator, you should consume foods with high water content that are dissolved and at risk of spoilage in a very short time or keep them in another cooler during cleaning. You can store food such as frozen fish, meat products and fresh canned food in an ice-filled bucket that is inconvenient to keep out.

Be careful while cleaning food

Be careful when cleaning food

Do not contaminate food while cleaning You should completely empty your refrigerator to prevent and clean every corner of the cabinet. You can start the unloading process by taking the necessary precautions for risky foods. After emptying the cabinet; You can remove sections such as ovaries, shelves, crisper and breakfast drawers.

If cleaning is done without unplugging, water may come into the cables and this may be a life-threatening risk. As soon as you unplug the cupboard, the ice in the freezer begins to melt and the cupboard rests for a while. You should clean the melting ice instantly. Otherwise, a puddle will form and may overflow to the ground. To clean the refrigerator you have unplugged, you must have the necessary materials ready with you. This will help you. Thus, you can stop the electric current and work more comfortably during cleaning. Start cleaning by removing the shelves

Start cleaning by removing the shelves

To clean each area of ​​the refrigerator, firstly remove the shelves on the intermediate floors. You can spray cleaner detergents and wait. If you do not use detergent, you can apply natural blends that we will give you soon.

Wash the shelves in your hands

Wash the shelves in your hands

Take care to wash your hands without putting the shelves or plastic compartments we have removed in the dishwasher.

Make sure that every part of the refrigerator is free from dirt and also away from chemical substances such as dish soap. Otherwise, you can get a chemical taste from food or drink in unexpected moments. Cleaning the refrigerator and freezer

Cleaning the refrigerator and freezer

While the racks continue to dry, you can start cleaning the inside of the refrigerator and the freezer compartment. Before cleaning the freezer compartment, be sure to remove the products and make sure you get a free space.

To clean the inside of the refrigerator

To clean the inside of the refrigerator

Fill half a bucket of water. Add 4 tablespoons of vinegar or 2 tablespoons of baking soda in it. Apply this mixture to all surfaces starting from the top of the refrigerator towards the bottom shelves. The vinegar will dissolve the stains settled inside the cabinet.

After cleaning the shelves, you can also use the same mixture for the freezer part. We recommend wiping the refrigerator door with this mixture.  

Refreshment with carbonated water

Refrigerator cleaning becomes easier with a mixture of carbonate and water. To try this method, dissolve a pack of baking soda in a glass of water. Take the resulting mixture with the help of a sponge and apply it to all surfaces of the refrigerator. You can prevent scratching the refrigerator by using a soft cloth during cleaning. After the carbonated water waits for 5 minutes on the refrigerator surface, clean the surfaces with a damp cloth. You can apply this method at any time and make the refrigerator look brighter and cleaner. Carbonated water can run to your aid when you do not want to use chemicals.

Last touch

Last touch

Place the drying racks in their places in the refrigerator.

Then put each product on its shelf. In other words, vegetables are placed on a crisper shelf, dairy on shelves, medications (if we need to keep them in the refrigerator) in a different compartment with a lid. Arrange the freezer to put the ones most likely to use the same way at the top. Use dry coffee for bad smells

Use dry coffee for bad smells

Make sure to keep your food mouth closed so that the refrigerator always remains hygienic. You should never leave rotten fruits or vegetables. You can place a spoonful of dry coffee in small sauces on each shelf for the refrigerator to smell more spacious.


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