How to Get a Pen Stain

How to Get a Pen Stain

Most of us used leather fabric (artificial leather) on their armchairs or chairs in their homes. Nowadays, leather fabric is the choice of almost all furniture brands. When these leather details that add a distinctive atmosphere to our seats are drawn by our little naughty pens with a ballpoint pen, we will be surprised.

Let’s say we give a pen to your hand, whether the seat is scratched or the pencil stain is not removed? Now calm down and think about what you can do.

I am doing this article to help you because the same thing happened to me 🙂 What I tried did not happen. Domestos, arabic soap, cifle, anwayle, dish detergent, laundry detergent … He didn’t say you’re banam. But I stubbornly need to remove the pen stain. Unfortunately acetone and lemon cologne did not work either.

Remedy HAIR SPRAY 🙂 Yes, the brand is not important, you can remove the pen stain from your leather seats with hair spray.

< But remember this! First wipe the stain with any detergent. Leave it on for 1 night. Apply the hair spray after that so you can get better results.

After waiting for 1 night, spray the hair spray on the stain. Brush thoroughly with any brush (I used the toothbrush).

Repeat this process until the stain is removed. Spray and scrub. Of course, we cannot expect it to be the same as before. But at least the stain does not stand out.

You can see my application and how the stain is removed in the pictures below. I hope you will get the same result. It’s easy now 🙂

How to remove a ballpoint pen from the label leather how to remove a ballpoint pen from the leather sofa how to remove a pen stain leather how to remove a pencil stain from the chair

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