How to make misty eye makeup?

1. Primer

It is very important to use eye makeup base before application in order to make the eye makeup both more permanent and to show the eyeshadow colors better. Apply some of your eye make-up primer before applying any on your eyelid.

2. Decide the base color

Create a base color by applying a shadow color of your eyeshadow to all eyelids in the light tones you choose with the help of a headlight brush. Although this will change according to the main color of the eye makeup, it will be a more risk-free method to use eyeshadows in light colors. 3. Size it

Apply the darker shade of your choice with a dispensing brush to define the fold area of ​​the eyelids called “Crease”. While this step reveals the depth of the eyelid; You will have created a more impressive backdrop for the misty eye makeup application.

4. Diffusion

The secret of a successful eye makeup is well-distributed eye shadows. The shadow that you apply to the crease area; Try dispensing with a fluffy dispensing brush. Continue distributing until you reach the image you want.

5. Set limits

Apply your dark eye shadows by distributing them from the outer corners of your eyes to the inner corners. Thus, the shape of your eyes will become more evident. Then with the help of concealer, you can prepare a clean floor in the middle areas of your eyelid and apply the transition headlight of your choice.

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