How to shop safely during the Corona virus outbreak?

< High-risk individuals include the elderly, immunocompromised and respiratory patients, diabetics, people with heart disease or cancer patients. These individuals should not be among any crowd and should definitely avoid being in public places right now. Those who are not in the high risk group can go to the markets, but they should definitely pay attention to personal hygiene rules and take extra care. To protect the elderly and patients; low-risk individuals may offer to buy food or other essentials for them.

Shopping with delivery

If you do not have someone to help you; Experts say it is safest to stick to a delivery service, although it is not 100% risk free. Ask your delivery officer to leave the food outside your door. It is possible that you or the delivery person will be a carrier of the COVID-19 virus, so it is best to keep the contact to a minimum. To increase the measure; always make sure to wash your hands before and after food arrives at your door. Although researchers say the virus has a low risk of contamination from contaminated surfaces such as bags and packaging, it’s better to feel safe than in doubt.

If you want to go to the market ...

If you want to go to the market …

To go to the market; Prefer hours when the market is not crowded. Increasing social distance, as the virus is transmitted mainly through close contact with other individuals; it will lower your risk of getting infected with the virus. But if you can’t adjust your timing correctly and find yourself at the market with many people, get what you need and leave. Take the disinfectant wipes with you so that you can clean the shopping baskets you use. Gloves will not work much here because if your gloves touch a contaminated product, it will also contaminate the next thing touched. Avoid touching your face, eyes and nose while walking at the market. Use hand sanitizer after payment.

How to use your food after receiving it

How to use your food after receiving it?

Cans, bottles and jars – glass, metal, plastic, etc. You should definitely disinfect food packaging such as. You can use your daily disinfectant wipes for this. When it comes to consuming fresh fruits and vegetables, food safety rules still remain the same. Wash your fruits and vegetables with plenty of water.

Remember the surfaces

Remember the surfaces

After leaving all your food, disinfect all the surfaces your bags touch. Generally, it is good practice to clean the surfaces after any use.

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