‘If they use it before the age of 3, their speech may be delayed’

Professor of Child Development Education. Dr. M. Meziyet Arı made statements about the effects of developing technology and its use on children. Stating that curiosity and research have been among the most basic needs since the early days of infancy, Arı said, “The baby, who scans her environment with luminous eyes to capture new and interesting images, uses this feature to discover her environment and to master her skills. When we observe a toddler, we see that he wants to touch and tamper with every object. The child discovers the properties of every object he tangibly touches. He learns the properties of hard, soft, thin, thick, heavy, light and similar objects by touching them. If a tablet is given to the hand of a child of this age, the child cannot touch, feel three-dimensional, and will move away from natural learning paths. Therefore, the basic concepts that form the basis of mental development (big – small, heavy – light, hard – soft, close – far, etc.) are delayed ”.

” Speech may be delayed “

Stating that another important dimension of mental development is language development, Arı said, “Using technological devices such as tablets and mobile phones before the age of 3 may cause delay in speech. It also adversely affects their social emotional development by limiting their interaction with adults and other children. Long periods of time spent with tablets, phones and similar devices passivate the child and restrict its mobility and negatively affect its physical development. It prepares the ground for obesity and other health problems. Many research findings show that as the time spent on the screen increases before the 30th month, children’s development slows down. ”

Effective use of technology has contributed significantly to education. uncontrolled use of the most effective tools. This uncontrolled children and can lead our youth to technology addiction, “he said.

” 0 – 3 years of age do not have our education system “

child development and early childhood in Turkey He emphasized that his education studies have been intensely focused on for the last 25-30 years. Dr. M. Meziyet Arı said: “Although we have made quite a distance in the field of early childhood education, it cannot be said that we have achieved our goals. I think we could not benefit from our educated educators in this field at a sufficient rate. We are still far from the goal of all our children to benefit from pre-school education. Our infancy and toddler children (0 – 3 years old) are not included in our education system. I believe that our young people who grow up in this field should be evaluated well ” became young people who didn’t like to write. Besides, they had the chance to access information very quickly. Although this contributes to the development of self-confidence, the ever-decreasing job opportunities negatively affect their expectations for the future. ”

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