Is it a solution to use vitamins against corona virus?

< as a precaution after the corona virus cases seen in Turkey, many people are turning to the use of multivitamin supports. According to a recent survey conducted in Turkey, where 97 percent of people heard about this virus, 85 percent of preventive methods should be applied only know that 55 percent of results that appeared to apply these methods.

Apart from the methods described, it was determined that there was a great demand for multivitamin support products with the belief that it would strengthen the immune system. Pharmacology Specialist Dr. Ör.r.Ü. on whether or not taking multivitamin support is a solution against corona virus. Gaye Hafez made explanations.

Dr. Lecturer Ü. “The importance order of all multivitamins and / or products comes after the methods announced by the Ministry of Health, that is, the importance of personal awareness and responsibility,” added and added:

‘We can’t talk about miracle products’

“The most important thing we can do in the face of a disease that has not been treated is to follow personal hygiene rules and keep our immune system strong, we cannot talk about miracle products to the public”

Vitamin doesn’t kill virus, strengthens immunity

Proper nutrition, regular sleep, exercise without being heavy are recommended, mainly for vegetables and fruits. If a healthy individual has deficiencies from what we say or if the person wants additional support, he can use multivitamin. The aim here is not to destroy the virus or treat the disease, but to strengthen the immune system. ” Who should be careful while using multivitamin

Who should be careful when using multivitamin?

Harm of using multivitamin in a healthy individual Dr. Gaye Hafez emphasized that he would not give, but patients with kidney and liver disease, the elderly, pregnant women, cancer patients, patients who are subject to special nutrition (celiac, etc.) should use multivitamin under physician control: “Vitamins in such products as well as some minerals, plant extracts and some sweeteners. These special risk groups that we count are generally composed of individuals who use multiple drugs.

However, it is of course wrong to exceed the daily dose in healthy people. In that case, healthy ones will also suffer. Since the content of each product is different, I cannot give a dose sample, but multivitamins must be used in the correct dose daily just like medicines. ” what does vitamin C do

what does vitamin C do?

Suggestions for using multivitamins “It should be continued to do whatever it is doing to keep your immune system strong in everyday life. In case of need for additional support or if any vitamin deficiency has been detected in laboratory tests, products containing the relevant vitamin can be used. Multivitamin group is rich, there are many products in this field. In addition to multivitamin, beta-glucan, products containing coenzyme Q10, black elderberry flower extract and supplements containing vitamin C can be used in patients other than the risk groups I have just mentioned. “

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