Misconceptions about female sexuality

Orgasm is important for women

Orgasm is not important for women

Indeed, women release the hormone oxytocin, which brings them closer to their partner during orgasm. Even if they don’t have an orgasm for a long time, they can drive them away from sex.

Dryness is not driven

Dryness is not driven

The fact that your vagina is not producing fluid does not mean that you are not driven. A lot of things can cause dryness, such as condoms, medications, and menopause. For such cases, keep lubricating oil.

Women enjoy less than men

Women enjoy less than men

If you still think that women do not enjoy as much as men, you are wrong. Only by their nature, the way women approach sex and show their tastes is different from men.

Control of female orgasm is in the man

For a happier relationship and a better sex for both parties he should take control of his own sexual pleasure on the side and find the way to make the other party feel better.

Women do not masturbate

According to a study, 70% of sex toys are purchased by women. Needless to say, women are also masturbating.

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