Other woman syndrome: What does the other woman mean?

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First of all, it is the other common awareness of multi-woman marriages. We know that it has existed all over the world. They are also known as sandy or multi-woman marriages, partnership by geographical region and intimacy. From a sociological perspective, patriarchal structure is an accepted and experienced situation where women have no right to speak and are physically challenging. However, today’s women are based on what they accept to be second women, even if they are doing higher education, working in good jobs or even gaining their economic freedom, and being in very good places as a social status. Being a second woman is also a kind of sandship, the only difference is not living in the same houses.

When we look at the personality structure of women who have relationships with married men today, only the love of father in their childhood may not be sufficient to detect that they have not seen protection.

• The feeling of achieving the self-confidence of another woman by getting her husband
• The desire to be the little god of that man, thinking that he will save and prove himself by making him happy
• Another getting the husband of the woman and avenging his deceived mother under the consciousness
• The thought that the married man will not be too intrusive because of his position
• The right to live in other relationships simultaneously with the married man
to be
• Seeking an experienced and mature man
• Father from childhood lack of model, compassion, trust, lack of protection
• Sub desire to prove bad marriage and crime is not in itself
• Feeling lonely, inadequate and worthless of women
• Economic need of women
• Marriage and father’s predisposition to marriage and parenting
• Factors such as married man having a strong career position, boss or supervisor, manager, and what we do not know lead a woman to a married man.

There’s a tendency not to say you’re married at first.

In most of the cases I’ve seen and heard, the first step is men.

Generally, the woman falls into this trap by defeating her weaknesses for many reasons above. Often men tend to not say that they are married at first, or they say that they have a very bad marriage life, that they are unhappy, lonely, divorced with their wives, and even they have separated most of their beds.
I have listened to these sentences so much that there is a book among other women called “sentences to persuade women to relationship” among men in a language that only men can read? I was thinking. Or all of them, the expert of persuading women in 10 steps, they go to the same person and get the same texts

Men can approach as friends to persuade the relationship

Most of the men they can show themselves in a miserable, pathetic way to persuade the woman to the relationship, or they can approach a father like a friend. They usually show quality attention, do not bore, do not tire, do not force and act very respectfully. This is a very attractive situation for the woman.
And the relationship begins. Both men and women are very pleased with the freedom, power, peace and support of the relationship.

With her understanding and high sexual performance, she feels like a man to the man, and the man has a high satisfaction since he has not seen such value for a long time. Most married men attribute to their lover a much more sublime and spiritual being than a woman, a person. Women are also so happy that they feel perfect and love the role. This high satisfaction on both sides creates the desire to continue the relationship. It is thought that it will not be a fortune to find a partner who will live so harmoniously, so happy and so satisfying, find a partner to live these feelings. Men want women to be in their lives and women want to guarantee marriage and status as soon as possible.
Does not pick up the phone in the evening, hangs up after a certain time.

It disappears on weekends
It does not meet very close relatives
It is they have disappearances that their excuse is unbelievable, inaccessible to it, otherwise it cannot be proved.
The woman admits as a result of her doubts and cunning detective work.I am waiting for your problems to be solved ”. These answers take up almost 90 percent of the percentile.

The relationship has started, no longer wants to give up on both sides. This first problem of trust is overcome by the man’s pleading, and the woman’s intrigues that want to be persuaded. Until the next crisis of crisis,
When we move on to the next section, first, “What will be our end?” stages begin. The crisis is constantly removed by the woman, especially in pre-menstrual period, continues with the declaration of the intention of quarreling and separation, and ends with a cry of peace.

Other woman syndrome: What does the other woman mean?

‘I did not know beforehand’ constipation

Although the woman is so comfortable because she did not know herself before, there is usually no difference between knowing beforehand and learning later. Women often choose to continue the relationship. .
The woman refuses to play this role throughout the relationship, namely, the mistress, the other woman, the woman who breaks down, the woman with a friendly life.

The man makes moves that will save time each time
“I’ll talk, give me time”
“I sued”
“The case is postponed, he doesn’t want to divorce”
“Let’s go on holiday together”
“He wants compensation, threatens to take everything”

While all these excuses give time to the man, the woman gets desperate, and remains worthless, feeling worthless, inadequate, loveless, unsuccessful, defeated, weak.
Dear women; As a result of statistics, experiences, client observations, I can say that:
• Almost all married men (I leave very few of them off topic) make their choices in favor of their husbands.
• Married man, 6 months 1 year after the whole truth is revealed. If it does not divorce, it means it will not divorce from now on, do not tire yourself, do not waste time.
• The personality that the man shows while living with you may be very different from his personality at home. there is a possibility that it may not be. Even the woman at home may not know that their marriage has gone bad.
• Men who have extramarital relationships and cannot leave, develop dependence on this relationship they feel good with, their ego is high.
• The other woman is mostly, usually, most likely, (always
• There are also men who end their marriage, but it is interesting, when they finish, they do not marry their lover, but it does not take long even if they get married.
• If you are at the point of starting such a relationship, be precise and clear, give the man a time and then If not divorced, end the relationship as soon as possible.
Do not expose yourself to the charges “you knew from the beginning,” or “why didn’t you go after learning.”

The universe has ethical laws

Dear women, the ethical laws of the universe have the rules of the system.

My advice to you from high experience is that the man who deceives his wife has the potential to deceive you too. A woman who knows nothing at home has a high karma. There are weekends, special days and nights alone. There seems to be free and living like a prisoner. Children have discomfort in their conscience. The man is innocent, you are declared a bad woman.
Men are not as brave as you think. By nature, a man chooses a single wife throughout his life and becomes with many wives. Usually his wife is the woman of his children whose mother chooses throughout his life, everyone else (because you are not the first and only) will never be his real wife.
His guilt for the woman he chooses as the wife of his life makes him even more coward. Not wanting to disrupt the home order, familial social pressure forces him to live a two-faced life.
So this is the situation, everyone is having their own choices, exams and results.
At the end of this long article:
My greatest wish for all my readers; Beyond your dreams, you will feel happy and legally happy, real and visible, even if not official.

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