Our Gift Suggestions for the New Year

Our Gift Suggestions for the New Year

We have a few days left to enter the new year. Have we all been in a hurry? I did a little research for both myself and you. I collected great gift suggestions for both men and women. I am happy if I can help you decide. I look forward to your suggestions.

Gift Options for Gentlemen;

1- Zippo Reg Engine Turned Lighter

2- Lotto Newk S. Moritz Shoes

3- Bagozza Milano Shirt

4- Time Force Watch (Cristiano Ronaldo collection)

5- Ferrai Black Parf├╝m

Gift Options for Ladies;

1- Twigy Vings Slippers

2- Gizzaro One Of My Heart Snowflake Necklace

3- Bulgari Jasmin Noir Perfume

4- Roberto Lorenzo Bag

5- Hobby Diamond Polka Dots Red Bamboo Duvet Cover

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