Pomegranate quince winter tea, revitalizing both body and soul

Dietician Büşra Kaya, who said, “The best thing for us in cold winter days is to protect yourself from winter diseases and get rid of depressed mood, is nothing but a hot drink,” shared the recipe for winter tea:


– Linden
– Ayva
– Pomegranate
– Lemon
– Dry grapes
– Plum plum
– Parsley
– Apple
– Cinnamon bark

How to?

After boiling all ingredients in 2.5 liters of water, you can filter and drink. You can adjust the amount of ingredients according to your taste, but in order not to be too sour, it will be enough to put the pomegranate half a cup of tea. You can consume it hot or chilled without adding sugar in this recipe.

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