Sandals trends of 2020 Spring / Summer season

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Instead of a dramatic change compared to the previous year, we see that trends that have worked for us throughout the spring and summer of 2019 continue this year. However, there are not a few changes we can count on! Pastel colors are as strong as platform-style sandals next season.

Heeled slippers, which became popular in late summer and which we can consider as a divisive micro trend, are also a must for this year.



Platform shoes may not be liked by everyone. Especially flatform styles that bring a new approach to the concept of slippers … But these sophisticated designs will be preferred by many in 2020.



This is perhaps more divisive trends one, but I guarantee that this will be one of the trains you see the most. Flip-flop flip-flops will fit us in any environment, from holidays to town, jeans or dress combinations.

Father contribution

‘Father’ contribution

The most comfortable trend returns again this season . ‘Dad’ sandals, which are preferred for reasons such as minimalist design and very comfortable, are among the sandals trends of this season.

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