The Most Preferred Colors in Homes

The Most Preferred Colors in Homes

As the summer approaches, it is customary in the spring to remove the house completely and start painting. In fact, psychologists have made a very good scientific explanation of this. All the paint and whitewash works that “people who shut their houses in the winter months have to remove all the rest from the house in the spring”. Frankly, I’m not looking at the color charts right now 🙂

Earth tones calm people and add a modern feel to the house.

Yellows makes the house look wide, oranges give warmth and affection. Lavender, hyacinth, lilac tones create a meditation effect when used in bedrooms and study rooms.

Green tones keep you in the spring air. makes you feel. Interior designers also suggest that you choose colors that will make you feel good. Not the colors that match the household items Turkey’s most preferred colors you can find in our gallery below that.

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