The story of the oppressed women: “When I woke up, I had no voice”

Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States, especially in many European countries blockbuster “Mouthpiece” game, “the Voice None was when I wake up” the name of 6 February Thursday at 20: 30 to be held in Coma Stage prömiyerl the first time in Turkish will meet the audience.

, one of the contemporary and newly written the best example of physical theater, the awareness of having a Canadian woman’s response, the evidence that is different from the Turkey women.

Produced and assumed this construction The play, which will come to the audience with the master director Tamer Levent’s regime, comes to life with the performances of Burcu Görek and Dilşad Çelebi. “When I woke up, I had no voice” brings the inner conflict, ambivalent state of the modern woman to a contemporary narrative with her physical, grotesque, epic, dramatic theater approaches and with the help of acapella. With the loneliness, which he must prepare, he begins to question and self-criticize all kinds of pressures and violence against women. The game, which also shows the reaction of normal behavior in men, which can be seen abnormally in women, with the revolt created by its suppressed personality; a revolt game written for the rights of women who are explicitly oppressed, who find themselves in a veiled oppression, who cannot express themselves due to the many fears they experience and the communities they have imposed on him, whose voices are muted, battered and even murdered.

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