Tips for Stylish and Convenient Kitchens

Tips for Stylish and Convenient Kitchens

The kitchen is where we women spend the most time. Since most of the day is in the kitchen, our kitchen signals us to constantly change. Most of us cannot constantly renew our kitchen. But with small touches and small changes, we can achieve a completely different atmosphere and create a renewed feeling. Here are the tricks of making big changes with small touches;


* Materials that reflect light such as steel or white lacquer make your kitchen look much wider than ever before.

* Open shelf systems are functional units as they allow you to easily reach the spices, oil and sauce bottles that should be at hand while cooking. Besides being easy to use, they also strengthen the feeling of spaciousness in the kitchen as they create open spaces.

* Limestone tiles are one of the ideal materials for flooring in kitchens. But as its colors get darker over time, many may see this material as an expensive investment. If you prefer a more economical floor covering, you can choose stone-like ceramic tiles.

* Kitchens are one of the most important places where family members come together. A board where shopping lists are hung and the whole family can communicate with each other will add a modern touch to this special place.


* Until now, stainless steel has always ranked first in kitchen designs.

The most used color in kitchens in recent years is black. Retro-inspired pastels create an elegant and nostalgic atmosphere in kitchens.

* Wallpapers in vivid colors and patterns are one of the materials that provide movement in the kitchen. If you want to turn your kitchen into a colorful space in this way, you should make sure that the wallpaper you choose is wipeable vinyl. You can use the internet to find the most suitable wallpaper for you. www. site is one of the sites with the richest wallpaper collection.

* If you want to revive the whole kitchen with small touches instead of completely renovating, you can achieve this by making a change in the color of the walls. Supporting tablecloths and towels will provide enough change.

* You can even include your cabinets in the color games you will do in your kitchen. It is possible to obtain brand new cabinets by sanding and priming the wooden cabinet doors and painting them in a different color. Special processes are required to change the color of melamine and laminate cabinet doors.

* Kitchens are also a very stylish display space for a collection of interesting jars or antique dinner plates.

The glow formed on the surface of the tiles will allow you to have a more spacious and bright kitchen.


* One of the ways to break the uniformity in kitchen design is to use kitchen units with different materials. is to blend. Kitchens where wood and steel are used together give a confident look. If you want to create contrast, you can use wood and hand-painted units together. While shades of blue work wonders with beech and birch furniture, sage green and cream colors harmonize with oak.

* You can hang your pots, pans and other kitchen tools on a hanger. If you do not have a place on the wall, the ceiling can be a good alternative.

* If you are complaining that the kitchen cabinets are too crowded, you can get a shelf with a plate. Such shelves can be compatible with both modern and classic kitchens.

* If your kitchen is too small, you can try sliding doors kitchen units. Since the doors do not open to the outside, you can prevent the loss of space.

* Tiles are generally used as a wall covering behind the point where the stove is located in the kitchen, but this situation may create a monotonous appearance, especially in small kitchens.

So you don’t take any chances.

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