Ways to maintain weight loss with diet

< Nutrition and Diet Specialist Kenan Yıldırım, who stated that people who do not limit food for a long time, do not condemn themselves to starvation, who are on a balanced and balanced diet, and who gain active life style, can live without undoing the weight lost by diet, “I applied a strict diet, I was weakened, I think that it is inevitable for those who think that “I can go back” to quickly lose weight. Body becomes unable to lose weight over time

Body becomes unable to lose weight over time

Dietician Kenan Yıldırım emphasized that the metabolism was adapted to spend less energy during slimming by being half hungry, therefore, an unhealthy weight loss was experienced. found the following explanations:

“ Naturally less is consumed when less food is taken.

If you have little money, you spend a little and try to survive. Our body is also like that. When we get too little food, we limit our movements first, and then direct our organs to work with less energy.

When you start eating too much at the end of the diet, excess energy taken with nutrients is stored as fat. When the individual follows a slimming diet again after a while, he loses weight more slowly, the slimming process becomes longer. This is called the ‘weight cycle’ and one day the individual becomes unable to lose the weight he gains. ”

Stay away from slimming diets in a short time

Stay away from slimming diets in a short time!

Dietician Kenan Yıldırım pointed out that frequent dieting for weight loss is the biggest danger for weight control. It is out of the question to return to the state, ”he said.

In short, we must maintain the balance between the energy we take and the energy we spend. We should do regular brisk walking, swimming, cycling, and culture and we can increase our movements in our home and business life. Dietitian Kenan Yıldırım has classified the basic nutrients we need to take for the weight protection program as follows:

Protein group foods: Meat, low-fat cheese, boiled egg.

Foods containing calcium: Light milk and non-creamy yogurt.

Bread and cereal products: Foods that are high in carbohydrates and rich in B group vitamins.

Vegetable group foods: Raw vegetables and salads, vegetable dishes.

Fruit group foods: Many vitamins are extremely rich in minerals and fiber and also contain carbohydrates. We should not exceed 3 servings daily.

Fat: Fat should be as low as possible in meals.

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