We Celebrate 8 March International Women’s Day

We Celebrate 8 March International Women's Day

On March 8, 1857, 40,000 textile workers went on strike in a textile factory in New York, USA, demanding better working conditions. However, 129 workers, most of them women, died as a result of the police attacking the workers and locking the workers in the factory, and the fire that followed the workers unable to escape from the barricades in front of the factory. More than 10,000 people attended the funeral of the workers. Clara Zetkin, one of the leaders of the German Social Democratic Party, at the women’s meeting of the Second International (International Socialist Women’s Conference) in Copenhagen, Denmark on 26-27 August 1910, in memory of the women workers who died in the textile factory fire on 8 March 1857, the “Internationaler Frauentag” ( International Women’s Day, and the proposal was unanimously approved. In the early years, there was no specific date, but it was always commemorated in the spring. The date was determined as 8 March at the 3rd International Women’s Conference held in Moscow in 1921.Women’s Day, which was banned in some countries between the years of the First and Second World War, started to be commemorated in the United States at the end of the 1960s. came up strongly. The United Nations General Assembly accepted on December 16, 1977 that 8 March be remembered as “International Women’s Day”. It is not written in the section on the date of the day on the United Nations website that the celebration was held in memory of workers who died in New York.

türkiye on March 8, International Women’s Day

Turkey on March 8, International Women’s Day for the first time in 1921. “Working Women’s Day” started to be celebrated as. It was celebrated more widely, and massively, in 1975 and the years that followed, it moved from indoor spaces to the streets. “United Nations Decade for Women” program from the affected from Turkey in 1975. “Turkey 1975 Year of Women” conference was held. There were no celebrations for four years after the 12 September 1980 Military Coup. “International Women’s Day” continues to be celebrated by various women’s organizations every year since 1984.

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