Women’s stories of 100 years in Anatolia came to life in the “Diary of Our Woman”

Supporting the works that spread the accumulation in the field of culture and arts to the general public, DenizBank launched the “Diary of Our Women” project under the direction of Nebil Özgentürk by signing another special study through DenizKulture, which carries out its activities in this field.

Turkey’s hundred-year history of the securities in the social life of female power and labor, the symbol of life stories preview of describing Kadını’na our scrapbook documentary on February 26, 2020 was held at the Marine Tower Wednesday. Many names from the world of business, culture, art and media participated in the event hosted by DenizBank General Manager Hakan Ateş.

“We are telling the stories of women that shed light on the dark”

Hakan Ateş, in his speech, was in his fourth long-term study with Nebil Özgentürk, between his struggles and impossibilities. He stated that they told the short history of women with the miracles they created. Ateş continued: “In our documentary, we have compiled the stories of our women, who wrote their name in the history of the Republic, who will say“ we owe a lot ”when future generations look back.

As an institution that sees economic and social development as a whole, we own the issue of supporting our women in the same way as there are many other fields that we attach importance to culture, art, sports, archeology and development. Under the umbrella of our Deniz Kültür affiliate, we are proud to bring a documentary that gives our women a culture of respect for the culture-art memory of our country. ”

Nebil Özgentürk, who directed the documentary, said: “We are excited to have a 100-year journey. Turkey’s, the arts and society “souvenir books” After the audience, and now the women’s stories in front of the readers, women’s power and success, women’s rights, solidarity and is intertwined injustices women are going into a project. I thank dear Hakan Ateş and his colleagues. In addition to devotion, support and contribution, we also carried out a common mind in this project; As we recorded the memories together, we also collected memories about the country and culture and art.

It shows that our history is unwritten, unknown, illuminated and knit with strong women. On the other hand, more than half of our teammates behind the camera of our project are women. I am very happy to sign a new job with DenizBank. ” The life stories of women who left deep traces in our history are conveyed to the audience. From this century-long story from 1920 to 2020, Muazzez İlmiye Çığ to Macide Tanır, from Halide Edip Adıvar to Nermin Abadan Unat, from Adile Naşit to Yıldız Kenter, from Safiye Ayla to Leyla Gencer, From Türkan Saylan to Halet Çambel, from Tilda Kemal to Duygu Asena, from Selda Bağcan to Sezen Aksu, there are many special names that have accomplished the firsts in their professions, sometimes with warm stories that make them sad and sometimes smile. Besides the story, giving pride of the War of Independence of our heroine, the founder of the Republic of Turkey Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s mother Zübeyde’s documentary, which came on the screen with a special narratives of the lady’s life, is scheduled to be in the 8 March Women’s screen Day.

Two short films were shot

Two animated short films were shot for Yıldız Kenter and Türkan Saylan in the documentary, which tells about the women who left a mark for a century.Make-up artist Derya Ergün prepared the actors for the shoot. .

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